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“‘Our brains beguiled’: Ecclesiastes and Sonnet 59’s Poetics of Temporal Instability”. In H. Crawforth , E. Scott-Baumann, & C. Whitehead (Eds.), The Sonnets: The State of Play (Bloomsbury, 2017).

In her positive review of the collection in the Times Literary Supplement, Katharine Craik writes that my essay is one that ‘find[s] new ways to illuminate Shakespeare’s own historical moment[…]Kristine Johanson shows how [the Sonnets] draw from Ecclesiastes in order to explore the desirability (and impossibility) of returning to the past’, TLS, 30 January 2018.

Scott F. Crider in The Review of English Studies describes the collection’s essays as ‘intelligent, original and well written’. Reflecting on the readings in the collection’s first section, he writes that ‘it is Johanson’s essay that promises a new direction […] Johanson offers a fascinating reading of [Sonnet] 59’.


Editor, “Approaches to Early Modern Nostalgia,” Parergon 33:2 (2016). This special issue includes my editorial, “On the Possibility of Early Modern Nostalgias” (pp. 1-15) and my essay, “In the Mean Season: Richard II and the Nostalgic Politics of Hospitality” (pp. 57-78).






Editor, Shakespeare Adaptations from the Early Eighteenth Century: Five Plays. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2014.

Writing in The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer (2015), Matthew J. Rinkevich positively reviews the edition. ‘As an editor, Johanson proves informative, clear, and—when turning to the plays themselves—laudably unobtrusive […] she provides a far-reaching examination of the English stage and its relationship to the nation’s political and cultural life during the early Hanoverian period, and she constructs an excellent resource for those unfamiliar with the dramatic history of the early eighteenth century.’

Noted in ‘Recent studies in the restoration and eighteenth century’, Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, 53:4 (2014).